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This product contains river discharge time series which are estimated by using remote sensing data only. It can provide important information for hydrological applications such as models. The figure on the right shows as an example the discharge for the Lena, River.

Hypsometry of Ray Roberts Lake
Formula of Hypsometry of Ray Roberts Lake
Processing Strategy

This product is estimated within the processing strategry of volume variations for lakes and reservoirs. Therefore, more information can be found here.

Data Holding

DAHITI currently provides 69 hypsometry models distributed over all continents, except Antarctica. In Africa (8 time series), Asia (7), Australia (1), Europe (4), North America (42), and South America (7) water occurrence masks are available. The hypsometry models in DAHITI are freely available and can be downloaded after a short registration process. The amount of hypsometry models is permanently increasing.

Data Versions

This product is processed in the processing chain of volume variations.
More information can be found here.